stem4 safeguarding policy for mobile phone apps.





stem4 promotes and safeguards the well being of young people. We understand the challenges and difficulties young people face and do our best to support and keep children safe to reduce further harm. Protecting the safety of children and young people using this App is very important to us. We do not collect any information that identifies you and the information you give us voluntarily when you register such as age range, gender and geographical area remains anonymised data for statistical research on improving the effectiveness of the App. We may also give anonymous statistics to approved researchers. This is for non-commercial purposes only. This information does not identify users. We may share these statistics when describing the App to others.


We do not provide a helpline or support service and offer names of national organisations that may help in our resources section.  We do not take responsibility for these contacts but encourage you to seek help or tell a trusted adult when you feel low in mood or not in control of your thoughts or actions.


If you write in to us with a query, which concerns us in terms of your safety, we are unable to respond to this. In an emergency or where there is a safety issue, please tell a responsible trusted person/adult such as the safeguarding lead at your school or college, counsellor, your GP, your support worker, police or legal representative.


If you still write in to us using your identification such as an email address and we have cause to be concerned for your safety, we may have to share some information without your agreement as this is required by the law and to prevent harm because we have duty of care in safe-guarding young people.


We may also have to give your information to the police or other investigatory bodies and authorities including legal personnel if we get a formal legal request (for example search warrant, court order and so on)


To protect the confidentiality of the App, the safety of users and the rights of others under the Data Protection Act 1998/General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/2017) users may share information gathered on the App with their support workers, police or legal representative