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About Clear Fear

The fear of threat, or anxiety, is like a strong gust of wind. It drags you in and makes you want to fight it or run away.


Instead, face your fear with the Clear Fear app and learn to reduce the physical responses to threat as well as changing thoughts and behaviours and releasing emotions.


Anxiety is a natural response to fear, threat and apprehension. However, when anxiety is extreme or goes on for a long time, or the response to a threat is disproportionately large and affects a person negatively, it may become an anxiety disorder.


Anxiety disorders are the most common form of emotional disorder and respond very well to a form of treatment called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT.


When you face your fear, you will reduce the threat and glide.


Clear Fear is an app funded by teenage mental health charity stem4 to help manage the symptoms of anxiety.


It was developed by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Nihara Krause MBE, in collaboration with young people and uses the evidence-based treatment CBT to focus on learning to reduce the physical responses to threat by learning to breathe, relax and be mindful as well as changing thoughts and behaviours and releasing emotions.


You can personalise the app if you so wish and you will be able to track your progress and notice change. You can download our guide on using the app during Covid-19 here.


Please note the app is an aid in treatment but does not replace it.



“Wow! I tried this out for a friend, and wow. It’s nice! I recommend it to people who are struggling with anxiety. Or maybe you’re just going through a rough bit. Whatever you need it for, this app is excellent!”

“This app is free and amazing to help with anxiety and panic attacks. Thank you soo much to the creators of this for making this resource available to me it has already helped me tremendously in the short time I’ve had it.”

“I honestly didn’t think this app would be THIS helpful. It’s good when you need to go through a bad moment of anxiety and you need some help. I have trouble sleeping and with palpitations but the breathing exercise calms me down and puts me to sleep so fast. The other activities are also a nice distraction. Keep up the good work!”

Additional Resource

Click here to access our Emotionally Based School Avoidance (EBSA) page and information on our workbooks, which integrate with the Clear Fear app.

Licensing Opportunities

Want to create a customised version of Clear Fear for your organisation? 

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